Former Daily Show correspondent Larry Wilmore made adamantly clear that his Nightly Show would never serve the same function as Stephen Colbert’s Colbert Report, but nonetheless had difficulty filling the 11:30 P.M. slot. Now, with The Nightly Show having run its course, Wilmore dropped by Colbert’s Late Show to take over the timeslot once more.

Ahead of his actual guest spot, Larry Wilmore surprised Late Show audiences in the cold open by standing in for Colbert, monologue and all. It didn’t take long for the real Colbert to wander out, to which the ex-Nightly Show host mused “I thought whoever leaves Comedy Central at 11:30 just gets The Late Show.”

It’s an oddly-intriguing look into what might have been (networks have still yet to place a woman or person of color in late-night), but Wilmore showed up again later in the evening to discuss the cancellation of his own show. Wilmore even joked that “I will say this, though: I’m upset that they did cancel a brother’s show when all the best worst racial stuff starts happening.”

You can watch both appearances above, but will Larry Wilmore come back to late-night before long in a new role?