There’s no one way to conclude stories set after the world’s end, but The Last Man on Earth certainly can’t leave us on Season 3’s finale cliffhanger. Season 4 is not yet confirmed, but creator and star Will Forte is at least optimistic SNL chum Kristen Wiig will get to reprise her major appearance next year.

You’re warned of full spoilers for Sunday’s two-part Last Man on Earth Season 3 finale, but things are looking pretty grim for Tandy, Carol, Gail, Erica and all the rest, and we don’t just mean in-context. FOX has not yet decided if the series will return for Season 4, which could leave the last footage we see as a gun-toting Kristen Wiig rescuing the group from crazed germaphobe Pat (Mark Boone Jr.).

Last Man on Earth Season 4 Will Forte Kristen Wiig

Forte’s SNL and MacGruber co-star Wiig previously appeared in one-off midseason premiere “Got Milk,” the final moments of which saw her bunker-dwelling character Pamela setting off in search of our core cast. As Forte tells The Hollywood Reporter, that episode was actually shot last in order to accommodate Wiig’s schedule, though he remains optimistic Wiig could return in Season 4:

The plan would be to pick up right where we left off. I would assume that we’re not gonna find a Kristen Wiig look-alike to walk through the yacht doors at the beginning of season four, that is, if we’re lucky enough to get one. We’ll take whatever we can get, we’ll work all that out. This is also the busiest person in the world, so she’s so awesome to have come and done the show as she did, because she’s the best.

Then again, guest stars tend to have a short shelf-life on the series, and Forte told TVLine they’d have no guarantees of keeping Pamela around:

Everything is subject to her schedule. But certainly the plan would be to pick up exactly where we left off. But she [may just] come back, say, “Well, nice to meet you!” and get in her Ferrari and take off; time will tell. She can come be a part of the show for as long as she wants. She’s the funniest person in the world to me.

Forte was optimistic on their chances for Season 4 renewal, though it’s worth noting that Season 3 introduced a late-in-the-game nuclear meltdown twist that made much of the country uninhabitable. That hazard precipitated the group venturing out to sea, though Forte doubted they’d spend too much costly shooting time on the water.

It’s a complicated premise to sustain, so should FOX continue on with Season 4, might it be the last Last Man on Earth?

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