How do we let the time get away from us?  It seems like we go right from Valentine's Day to Summer, barely slowing down to reflect on the giver of life; Mom.  If, you forgot what this weekend is, don't worry, there's still time and plenty of great gift ideas just in time for the big day! Mother's Day. (If you are running a little behind, I'll bet she'll forgive you!)



  • Celebrate Mom with a gift from Flowers by Ramon!
    Celebrate Mom with a gift from Flowers by Ramon!

    Flowers By Ramon

    Pamper Mom this year with a gift from Flowers by Ramon! Lori and the gang have just what Mom needs! Personally, I love the scents of Tyler candles, and the glamorous wash (in the scent of Diva please). There are so many great gift ideas that you'll find at 2010 W. Gore Blvd. Chocolates, flowers, whether real or silk, are always a great gift!

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    Forever Linked X Erica

    This is my first experience with permanent jewelry, and I had lots of questions.  I'm happy to announce that next week I will have my very own piece of this jewelry.  Yes, they have silver!  At $8 an inch, you can have a wonderful keepsake of an event with your daughter or your girlfriends.  Maybe you'd like to host a party.  Erica can do that.  Look for her in Elgin, inside Wanderlust.

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    Luigi's Gyros & Pizza

    Mom has cooked and cleaned as long as you can remember!  How bout taking care of Mom for a change with a visit to Luigi's Gyros & Pizza on Cache Road!

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    Hardzog's Gifts & Floral Secrets

    If you've lived in Elgin for any amount of time you know the quality and style of gifts that are available at Hardzog's!  The clothing is comparable to what you used to find at Dillard's and in all sizes xs-3x.  Plus, so many gift ideas from Jewelry to lotions, candles and home decor.  Hardzog's is located at 9201 State Hwy 17 just past Elgin Public Schools!

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    Ranchers Market

    Saving money is priority number one for most Momma's.  What better way to save money than on great quality meat from Rancher's Market in Highway 17 in Elgin. Family owned and operated, not only can you get great quality bulk mean selections and fur package specials, you can also get your sides just like the restaurants do, right in your hometown of Elgin! Plus custom shirts and the biggest selection of toys not in a box store!  Super friendly too!

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    Hayzlee Rae's Boutique

    This little boutique is a hidden gem.  Hidden, because it's just off the main thoroughfare, but definitely worth looking for.  Cute designs for your little's, like the blond-haired blue-eyed namesake of the store, plus adult sizes.  They even have some super adorable Mommy and me outfits.  Boys, girls, and adult sizes and fashions available!

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    The Velvet Peach

    Shopping at The Velvet Peach is getting even better!  They just picked up their brand-new trailer and are going to be in Elgin at Crawds and Rods this weekend!  You can also shop with them on Facebook every day!  The jewelry is unbelievable, and I just got a sneak peek of some of the best gift ideas around like tooled watch bands, amazing wood-wick candles and more! Catch them in Cache next weekend at Summer in the Streets!

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    The Wildflower Clothing Company

    Located in Downtown Lawton, The Wildflower Clothing Company is making its way in ladies' fashion. Ladies, you'll be happy to know that they have Judy Blues!  Some of the most comfortable jeans you'll ever try on!  Plus, they have a new line of soaps and lotions!

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    Country Lace Boutique

    Nearly a year in their new forever home, Country Lace Boutique is a premiere location for ladies fashions.  And if you need some entertainment, you should definitely be part of their facebook group and especially the facebook lives!  They are so cute!  You'll always fine the latest jewelry, and fashions at 101 SW B Ave in Downtown Lawton, right next to Past Perfect Too!

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