It takes a confident man to admit he's been in a cop car and that he loves Channing Tatum. Brett Young isn't shy.

Celebrity crush, go-to drink, favorite breakfast cereal and aliens were all fair topics during this episode of Last Question. Young recently visited the Taste of Country studio and as he left we kept the camera rolling. The "Like I Loved You" singer and Taste of Country RISER was a good sport, but when he had to go he had to go!

Watch ToC News 360 host Ania Hammar stalk talk to Young as he leaves, and learn who he wishes he had five more minutes with, where he likes to write and what put him in a police cruiser. All week long we'll share a new episode of Last Question, a new Taste of Country series that will feature new episodes weekly beginning next Tuesday (August 1).

Young is coming off a second straight No. 1 hit with "In Case You Didn't Know." The love song was inspired by something writer Trent Tomlinson's mother used to tell him. He recently told Taste of Country and Taste of Country Nights radio that many of the songs on his debut album were inspired by his longtime girlfriend. Watch his #tocRISERS performance of "In Case You Didn't Know" below and then learn all about country music's hottest newcomer.

You Just Have to See This … Brett Young's "In Case You Didn't Know" Is Perfect!

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