Joe Nichols' greatest inspiration literally made us say, "Awww..." Seriously, you can hear it during this episode of Last Question.

The "Never Gets Old" singer opens up about the last movie he saw, his favorite superhero and his most embarrassing onstage moment, or should we say "moments"? The singer is racing to a waiting car as we lob final questions at him, but like all stars we've caught up with, Nichols graciously answers each before speeding away.

"Never Gets Old" is the new single from Nichols' new Never Gets Old album, a mix of traditional and progressive sounds that recalls classic country hitmakers and Sir Mix-a-Lot. No joke, he covers "Baby Got Back" on this album with the rapper's stamp of approval. They even appear in a music video together!

Last Question is Taste of Country’s new micro-interview feature that allows artists to talk about things fans always wanted to know, but were too embarrassed to ask. Brett YoungChris YoungSara Evans and Danielle Bradbery are a few who've participated so far. More will come every Tuesday. Be sure to subscribe to Taste of Country’s YouTube channel to never miss an episode!

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