Lauren Alaina has been trying to find ways to pass the time while isolating during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic just like everyone else, and she's hit upon something pretty eye-catching. The 25-year-old country singer has dyed her hair blue for the time being.

Alaina turned to social media on March 14 to show off her newly dyed locks, which are a very eye-catching metallic blue.

"This quarantine’s got me feeling extra blue," the pun-prone singer wrote to accompany a striking photo. "Probably gonna stay that way teal it’s over."

“It looks cute but yeah, everyone’s going to freak out,” Alaina tells People. But not to worry.

“It’s just a shampoo," the "Getting Good" singer explains. "It will wash out in like a week.”

“If I actually dyed my hair blue, my hairdresser would have a heart attack,” she says, laughing. “I just ran out of projects in the house so I decided to dye my hair. I guess this is a time when you can do some things you wouldn’t do otherwise.”

Alaina is one of many country singers who are currently at loose ends during the pandemic, which has resulted in tours being postponed or canceled virtually across the board for early 2020. She was supposed to be on the road with Blake Shelton for the 2020 leg of his Friends & Heroes Tour before it got cut short.

Shelton is also making a drastic hairstyle change while in social isolation, growing out the impressive mullet that he sported in the earliest days of his country career.

Blake Shelton's Mullet Is Back!

"I am growing the mullet back as a symbol of hope or some s--t like that," he tweeted on March 17. "Anyway it's coming back! For real. Stay tuned."

He wasn't kidding. On Thursday (March 26), Shelton shared the first pictures of his new mullet-in-progress with fans.

“I dyed my hair blue and Blake is growing back his mullet," Alaina muses to People. “These are crazy times indeed.”

This isn't the first time Alaina has made a bold, dramatic hair change. In 2017, she dyed her hair pink.

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