If anyone understands exactly how eliminated ‘X Factor‘ contestant Rachel Crow feels about finishing just short of your reality TV singing competition goals, it’s Lauren Alaina. A mere six months ago, Alaina heard Scotty McCreery‘s name announced instead of hers during the ‘American Idol’ finals. While Crow placed fifth in her competition, she, like Alaina, was an early favorite, loved by fans and judges alike. But she didn’t ultimately notch the win.

It seems as though there is a sorority among eliminated contestants of reality competition shows, as Alaina posted a series of encouraging tweets to Crow, offering kind words of support and celebrating her talent. In the wake of a devastating elimination, those words had to bring some comfort to Crow, who broke down and sobbed when she was sent home.

Crow should heed Alaina’s words, since she has been there. Even though she was runner-up and didn’t win ‘Idol,’ Alaina has forged a sweet career for herself and is about to tour with Jason Aldean. Not too shabby for second place!

She first tweeted: “I want you to know that you are absolutely amazing. Its not about winning. It’s about letting people see who you are @iamrachelcrow.”

She next posted: “@iamrachelcrow and you are an amazing singer and performer! You may have went home before you should have. But it will not stop you….”

She then followed it up with this tweet: “@iamrachelcrow you were born to do this. I see it when u perform. The look in your eyes shows how much it means to you! #inittowinitforlife.”

It was nice of Lauren Alaina to be so sweet and to send her love and support to Rachel Crow during a difficult time.

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