ESPN’s Friday Night Fights featured undefeated prospect Fernando Guerrero as he goes up against The Contender Season 2 winner Grady Brewer from Lawton, Oklahoma. The bout was a scheduled for 10 rounds with the winner taking home the vacant NABF light-middleweight title.

It was a great fight from start to finish with each boxer landing punches early but it only took Lawton's Grady Brewer 4 round to dispense of the previously undefeated Fernando Guerrero.

Round 1- Jabs coming from Guerrero early on. Two left hands come from Guerrero late in the round. 30 seconds left, and it’s Guerrero controlling the action even if nothing is landing. Straight left lands for him in final 10 seconds. 10-9 Guerrero

Round 2- Brewer throws a combination to the body halfway through the round. Guerrero not doing much. Rounds ends with Brewer attacking. 10-9 Brewer

Round 3- Fast combination by Guerrero and a left hand lands. Brewer forces Guerrero against the ropes and starts to throw some more. Left hand lands for Guerrero. Left hand lands for Guerrero. Straight lefts landing well for Guerrero in this round. 10-9 Guerrero

Round 4- Guerrero walks into a left hand 30 seconds into the round. Guerrero throwing more jabs this round. Brewer gets Guerrero on the ropes and drops him with a right hand. Guerrero goes through the ropes but gets back in enough time to recover. Brewer swarms and slips as he attacks Guerrero. Referee stops the fight as Guerrero falls over face first on the canvas after Brewer lands an uppercut. Huge victory for the 40-year-old!