LeAnn Rimes shifts her focus into a new stylistic direction with CHANT: The Human & the Holy, a 12-track collection set for release on Friday (Nov. 20).  Rimes dropped two of the songs off the album ahead of the full project's release, beginning with "Sing Love Into the World."

This song, like the rest of CHANT, grew out of Rimes' practice of daily mantras and inspirational chants. It's an important piece of the singer's toolkit for physical, mental and emotional wellness, which she started building after checking herself into a treatment facility for depression and anxiety in 2012, one day after her 30th birthday.

Rimes has been open about her mental health struggles over the years, explaining that her early rise to fame took a toll on her from a mental standpoint. The singer shot to overnight success with "Blue" in 1996, at the age of 14. She also points to her parents' divorce and the collapse of her first marriage to dancer Dean Sheremet in 2009 as contributing factors.

When she began treatment, the singer was only a year into her marriage to actor Eddie Cibrian, and she has said that the issues she faced then posed a challenge in their relationship — but after working through those struggles, her marriage is stronger than ever.

Having learned new skills including breathwork and meditation during that growth process, Rimes is now channeling her mantras and inspirational chants into music. On Thursday (Nov. 19), she released "My Heart," the first song on CHANT's tracklist.

The singer will take her spiritually-infused new musical direction one step further on Nov. 30, when she launches her spiritual health and wellness podcast, Wholly Human. The first season of the podcast will introduce listeners to Rimes' journey, share how she built her wellness toolkit and spotlight the community and teachers who helped her get to where she is today.

LeAnn Rimes, CHANT: The Human & the Holy Track List:

1. "My Heart"
2. "Be Still and Know"
3. "In the Stillness"
4. "Treasured"
5. Human/Holy"
6. "The Truth of Love"
7. "What I Cannot Change (Chant)"
8. "With My Hands"
9. "Set Me Free"
10. "Let the Light In"
11. "Christed"
12. "Sing Love Into the World"

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