LeAnn Rimes turned to social media on Thursday (Feb. 7) to share the news that her family's dog, Eveie, had been attacked and killed.

"This is one of the most difficult, heartbroken moments our whole family has ever experienced. Our baby, Eveie was attacked in front of us yesterday by a coyote," Rimes writes on Instagram.

The news came just hours after Rimes unexpectedly announced via Twitter that she was rescheduling three upcoming shows "due to a sudden loss." As she explains in her post, Eveie was not just the family's pet.

"She was so much more than our dog, she was an old soul. She’d look in your eyes and speak deeply into you without any words. Eddie, the boys and myself are left with such a hole in our family and in our hearts," she writes. "She was our daughter, our boys' best friend. We’ve taken turns crying and consoling for a day and a half now and it’s far from over. We were so blessed to have her stumble into our lives, to have loved her with every inch of our being and to have her love us back just the same."

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"They’ll never be another Eveie, she was one of a kind. There will always be great LovE and gratitude in our hearts for the years we were blessed to care for her. Eveie, I know you can hear us when we say “You were and always will be our angel. We LovE you beyond, beyond. Rest well and we’ll see you again when we ourselves leave this earth plane to join you in the vast field of consciousness," Rimes finishes, adding the hashtags #byefornow, #weloveyoueveie, #heartbroken, #Love, #mommydaddyandbigbrothersloveyou, #foreverourangel and #tilwemeetagain.

The singer shared a series of photos of the adorable chihuahua with the family, as well as some cute solo shots that include one of her in a Santa hat.

After Rimes made her post about Eveie's passing, she and her family received a slew of supportive messages and prayers from friends, family and fans. She posted to her Instagram Story on Friday to tearfully thank everyone for their kindness, and a Twitter account called FanzForever posted her videos.

"Hey you guys, I just want to say thank you for all your kindness. If any good thing has come out of this situation, it’s that we really know how much we’re loved, and we’re so grateful, so thank you very much," she says tearfully in her message.

Rimes has moved her shows that were scheduled at the Newton Theatre in Newton, N.J., on Feb. 7, the Cabot Theatre in Beverly, Mass., on Feb. 8 and the Flying Monkey Performance Center in Plymouth, N.H., on Feb 9. The Newton Theatre date will now take place on Thursday, May 2; the Cabot Theatre performance has moved to Thursday, Feb. 28; and the Flying Monkey Performance Center show is now slated for Friday, March 1.

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