Giving back to the community that you live in, isn't just a motto at Legend Driven, it's truly a way of life.  They firmly believe in rewarding those who do good in the community even when they think no one notices.

Legendary Leader

Today, November 3, Legend Driven announced the 2nd recipient of their Legendary Leadership award.  Lawtonians nominate those that go above and beyond to make Lawton and Southwest Oklahoma a better place to live and work.  Those nominations are gone through and a committee picks one deserving person to award $1,500.  The money can be used to benefit a non-profit, or for the Leader to use as he or she sees fit to continue good work in the area.

The winner today was Jeff Elbert, a math teacher from Lawton High School.  Read the nomination letter to see just how special this young man is:

My name is Mercedez Elbert and I am nominating Jeffery Elbert for this leadership award.  Jeff was born and raised in Lawton, OK.  Jeff is a former drug addict, alcoholic and gang member who gave his life to Christ in January 2013.  Since this time, Jeff has graduated Cameron University with a degree in Math education and is employed at Lawton High School as a math teacher.  In his first year of teaching, Jeff won Rookie of the Year for Lawton Public Schools.  In his first year of teaching Jeff was selected by his Principals to attend the training for LHS to be a school of character.  Jeff is the sponsor of the Gentlemen of Lawton High. This is an organization to help young men to learn to take care of their homes and community through volunteer services.  Because of his work with Gentlemen of LHS, this has inspired a similar program to start at one of the elementary schools here in Lawton.  Jeff has been nominated by his Principals to attend the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia.  Jeff is the President of the Great 580 Association.  The Great 580 Association is a non profit organization that works to promote education, drug and gang prevention and rehabilition and entrepreneurship.  For the longest time, Lawton has been known as the Shady 580 and this organization works to improve and dispel this mindset.  This organization has an annual backpack giveaway, and Art Expo to highlight artists in 6-12 grades.  The organization targets the demographic of 5-21 years of age.  The organization has also given to individuals to help with school supplies and clothes and a family affected by a house fire.  Jeff is also a member of the City of Lawton's Youth and Family Affairs Committee. Jeff has been a part of mulitple community events and meetings to talk about the youth of Lawton and how to better help them.  Jeff is the ministry leader of Cameron Baptist Church Celebrate Recovery.  Jeff has led this recovery program since October 2018.  This program is for anyone dealing with a hurt, hang up, or habit.  Jeff answers phone calls at all hours of the day and night to help someone in need.  Jeff truly cares about Lawton and seeing Lawton become Great.

While this nomination came from his wife, he also received two other nominations for this award!  That is a first for this award!  Join me in congratulating Jeff Elbert, Legendary Leader from Legend Driven.

If you know someone that would make a great Legendary Leader, someone that goes above and beyond for Lawton and the surrounding area, you can nominate them at

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