Lena Stone enjoys being the tease in "Nervous," her new single. The flirty track spotlights this singer's range and songwriting chops. It's all performed with a recognizable wink and smile.

Stone is quite simply trying to drive a guy crazy, and it's working. She leans in innocently. She delights in the way he loses his thoughts when she accidentally brushes his leg. What "Nervous" does best is avoid any sort of nefarious tone or intent. She's not teasing to tease. Her end game is, in the end, the same as his.

Fans who've seen Stone live at one of the #LetTheGirlsPlay shows she plays in Nashville on Monday nights have seen her perform "Nervous" dozens of times. It's her signature song, but she made smart production decisions in making it a single to amplify the meaning without losing its organic place.

Did You Know?: Stone is a Vanderbilt University graduate with a degree in economics.

Listen to Lena Stone, "Nervous" 

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Lena Stone, "Nervous" Lyrics:

When I bought this dress I'm wearing / I knew I'd catch you staring / And it's cute how you're trying not to / I sit down way too close / And pretend that I don't know I'm driving you out of your mind. 

I love making you nervous, making you sweat, making you guess / If it's all on purpose, brushing your leg, stealing your breath / Watching your eyes light up / Getting your tongue tied up / Boy I know it's working / I love making you nervous.

You like to play it cool / But you're breaking all your rules / And it's cute how you're trying not to / Lean in, kiss in, give in / Baby. 

Tonight is feeling perfect / I'm gonna make it worth it. 

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