LoCash know their latest song, "Chillionaire," isn't rocket science — and that's why they love it so much.

"We were like, 'Maybe we write this for the folks who just love to sit in a lawn chair and drink a beer,'" explains the duo's Preston Brust, who co-wrote "Chillionaire" with Drew Baldridge and Clint Lagerberg, during a recent interview with Taste of Country Nights. "You can't get too deep with those kinds of lyrics. You just gotta embrace it."

That's how they came up with lyrics like "Sit, sit, sit right here / And just sip, sip, sip this beer." The words came out almost too easily, and they Brust admits he and his co-writers almost second-guessed themselves, but ultimately decided not to overthink a song that's mostly about conveying a good feeling.

"We were like, 'Is it really that easy? Or is it too cheesy?' And we were like, you know, 'It can't be too cheesy.' You just have to say it exactly how it happens," he continues. "So we went with it, and fortunately [band mate] Chris [Lucas] loved it when he heard it, because you never know. If Chris brings me a song or I bring him a song, you never know if the other one's gonna like it. Fortunately, he loved it."

"Yeah. I forced it to be on this record," Lucas chimes in. "I mean, it's not the smartest thing we've ever written, but I think it's kinda brilliant in a way, where it just makes you happy, dude."

The band kept it simple when it was time to come up with a TikTok dance for the song, too. While lots of artists spend hours working up elaborate dances for their fans to learn, LoCash took the simple route, with the help of some easily accessible props: Lawn chairs, cold bottles of beer and their friend and co-writer Drew Baldridge.

"We actually just met Drew at a park right here, a little grassy spot on Music Row," Brust explains. "We had three beers and three lawn chairs. We set up the iPhone, and we made a TikTok dance sitting in the lawn chairs drinking our beers. So, it's a really dance. If you can sit in a lawn chair and drink a beer, you know half the moves already."

"Chillionaire" is the fifth and final track on LoCash's new Woods & Water EP.

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