The first season of ABC's new reality competition show, Claim to Fame, came to a close on Tuesday (Sep. 6) with its season finale. The show confirmed what many country fans had been speculating, too, as runner-up Logan Crosby's famous relative was revealed to be Jason Aldean.

The two are cousins, and the superstar country singer took to social media to confirm the news and share his support of Crosby.

"Well I’m glad I can finally tell y’all to go stream @claimtofameabc on Hulu and watch my lil Cuzzin @reallogancrosby do his thing. Proud of ya man. Way to represent the family," Aldean writes on Instagram alongside two photos with his younger cousin.

The first photo is a recent picture of the two, while the second — swipe right to see — takes fans back in time. Aldean is posed with Crosby in front of what looks like his tour bus. Judging by how young both of them look, the photo was taken early on in Aldean's career in country music.

Early in the debut season of Claim to Fame, viewers suspected that Crosby — real name Bradley Logan Crosby — could be related to Aldean. Others guessed he might be Luke Bryan's nephew, or Garth Brooks' son. For those who took a deep dive into the World Wide Web, Crosby actually revealed his identity in an episode of the Jameson on the Rocks Podcast back in March, before the show premiered in July.

Hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, Claim to Fame put 12 contestants who are related to celebrities in a house together. Each week they were pitted against one another in various competitions, all the while tasked with figuring out each other's famous relative. One contestant was eliminated each week, and the last person standing won $100,000.

Although Crosby did not win this season, he did come in second place. LC — whose real name is Loreal Palmer — took home top prize and was revealed to be the sister of actress Keke Palmer. Crosby and LC actually worked together throughout the season, which may have helped them becomes the final two at the end.

2022 marks the first season for Claim to Fame. A second installment has yet to be confirmed by ABC.

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