Logan Mize admits he loved performing at the third-annual Taste of Country Music Festival, and he explains how he knows early in the set if it's going to be a good day.

"It's usually about the first four bars of a song. You break into that first song, and if it feels good, the crowd's responding, you got good guitar tone, the PA's working well, you know it's going to work," he reveals.

Mize hobbled onto the stage due to a leg injury, later sharing with Taste of Country how he hurt his calf. As it turns out, it was user error. "It was stupidity. I had been running, and my calf was tightening up while I was running, and I tried to push through it," the "Can't Get Away From a Good Time" singer shares, "And it didn't work out in my favor, so I'm paying for it now."

The relative newcomer also dug his "mondo-sized hand" into the Taste of Country cup for a fan question and pulled out a rather odd request. "Bobby from Tampa ... 'Can I smell you?'" the singer read with a smile, interpreting the question his own way. "This is true. You probably can. I've been going on no sleep and early mornings with no showers for a while. As well as rubbing essential oils — peppermint essential oils into my calves. So there's an interesting flavor going on."

Mize and his peppermint-flavored #DadBod are on tour this summer. The singer released the Pawn Shop Guitar EP in May.

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