Loretta Lynn knew she was dying, and not just in the big picture kind of way. After the country music singer's death on Tuesday (Oct. 4), her daughter shared a conversation she'd had with her mother just one day prior.

Peggy Lynn and her twin sister, Patsy, were Loretta Lynn and her husband's final children, born in 1964. On Facebook, Peggy (now Peggy Marchetti) shared her grief in a unique and poetic way.

"Today I kissed my precious mom goodbye. She looked so peaceful like a sleeping angel," she writes.

"She is beautiful even in death ... (ellipsis are hers) she just has this amazing radiance that is so unique and timeless. I could barely tear my arms from around her. I didn’t want her to leave us. I felt possessive and selfish and broken ... utterly broken."

Peggy says that since 2017, she has been her mother's primary caretaker, describing the task as important and honorable. She goes on to explain that she rarely posts publicly because her family has lived so much in the public eye.

"I needed to keep something back just for me," she admits.

The final paragraph of her lengthy tribute finds the 58-year-old expressing gratitude that her mother died "gently" in the night.

"Daddy just came a took her hand and they are together in each others arms i know, (sic)" she writes.

This sentence is more than just conjecture. One day earlier, Peggy says her mother was animated in telling family she was ready to go to heaven and that Doo (husband Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn) was coming to take her home.

"'They told me I'm really going home,'" Peggy Lynn says, quoting or paraphrasing her mother. "She really said that yesterday ... She knew ... She just knew and was happy."

I thought yea, one day..and told her hey, not today Margaret..I am spending the night with you tomorrow night so hold up:) She said you better get here so..cause I am going home.

Peggy Lynn's message ends with a final thank you to her mother.

"You have been the best mom.. you have been an inspiration to so many," she writes.

The second part of that statement was proven true in the days after Lynn's death at the age of 90. Dozens of artists and thousands of fans took to social media to talk about the importance of her music within the country community and beyond. She was a true trailblazer.

Memorial details for Loretta Lynn have not been announced. She leaves behind four children and was preceded in death by two children and her husband, who died in 1996.

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