Topless photos of country singer and actress Lucy Hale were stolen from her phone, she says. But she's not apologizing for anything.

"I will not apologize for living my life and having a personal life that is all mine," Hale says in a post to Twitter. "It's truly unfortunate that being exposed in this way is allowed."

The full tweet (seen below) finds Hale outraged that she was exploited in a way many other Hollywood actresses have been in recent years. "Once again, a woman in the public eye was violated, stolen from and her private life and body were exposed for anyone to see," she writes.

"Thank you for all the sweet, supportive messages I've been receiving. It was a much needed reminder that I'm surrounded by so much love ... And to whoever did this … kiss my a--."

The photos leaked earlier this week, appearing on a site called Celeb Jihad. TMZ reports Hale's lawyers have threatened a lawsuit if the photos were not removed.

Hale is best known as a star of Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. In 2014 she notched two songs on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Both "You Sound Good To Me" and "Lie a Little Better" came from her Road Between album. In May 2014 her country record label Bigger Picture Music closed.

It's not clear what Hale has planned musically for 2017, but she promised in her tweet that it was "gonna be all about speaking the truth."

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