Luke Bryan's kids are the reason he's crushing it in 2018. No, not his own kids with wife Caroline, and not the one he adopted after losing his sister and brother-in-law ...

These young stars are the focus of this week's That's What She Said. Since at least 2013 the "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" singer has been inviting kids to the stage, usually during "Someone Else Calling You Baby." Perhaps it was spontaneous the first time, but a viral moment from September 2013 led to repeated adorable moments during tour stops across America — for years, even! Kids look forward to it. Parents look forward to it. The venue even knows to scout.

Last weekend in New Jersey, an 8-year-old girl named Bella joined Bryan onstage after a stadium employee spotted her with a sign asking for a birthday dance. She was moved to the front during a pivotal moment — wanna guess what song was playing when Bella was pulled up with Luke?

You got it! It happened during "Someone Else Calling You Baby."

Hey, we're not complaining — we know country artists have a long history of engaging with fans in unique ways (but this is one of the best). Is it just coincidence that Garth Brooks started utilizing fans' cell phones to capture gripping moments during his recent world tour? He doesn't allow his music on YouTube, but these memorable moments from his live shows? Perfectly acceptable — and great tour promotion! Keith Urban has often pulled fans at random (we think) to the stage to jam with him. Thomas Rhett often covers "Friends in Low Places," and he knows people are watching when he finds fans to sing with. These moments spread once they hit the internet.

No, YouTube videos alone aren't the reason Bryan has three Entertainer of the Year trophies, the reason Brooks just wrapped a tour that sold more than five million tickets and the reason Urban continues to headline well past age 50. It starts with the music, but you can't deny that these viral moments helped.

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