The new year has begun with a bang: Luke Combs, Jillian Jacqueline and numerous other artists have released new singles to country radio in recent days.

Luke Combs, “One Number Away”

Combs has shared “One Number Away” as the third single from his popular album This One’s for You. The song starts off slower than what fans have come to know the "When It Rains It Pours" singer for, but as it progresses, the tune reveals itself as a country ballad. Combs sings about not being able to shake the familiar memory of a girl he misses: "And I'm one number away from calling to you / I said I was through, but I'm dying inside / Got my head in a mess, girl, I confess / I lied when I said, ‘I'm leaving and not coming back.’”

Kid Rock, “American Rock ‘n’ Roll”

Rocker-slash-country singer Kid Rock has released a sweet song off of his latest album, Sweet Southern Sugar. "American Rock 'n’ Roll” is a feel-good track all about what it feels like “being young in the land of the free.” A highlight of this youthful freedom? American rock 'n’ roll. Rock sings, "Go wide open, it's a pedal-down kind of a thing / A little bit of Folsom blues / A little bit of gangster smooth / A sea of emotion raining all over me / Give me that heart and that soul / American rock 'n’ roll."

Jillian Jacqueline, “Reasons”

Jacqueline’s “Reasons,” which will impact country radio on Jan. 22, is a catchy song about breaking up and moving on. The song explains how hard it is to pull the plug on a relationship after putting in all the hard work and time with someone you’re supposed to love: “We've got all our reasons why / We try to justify / Sticking it out, to stay together / And we're supposed to last forever / You and I, too scared to say goodbye.” But by the end of the song, after weighing out all of the reasons, Jacqueline has made up her mind and mustered up the courage to say goodbye.

Josh Gracin, “Nothin’ Like Us”

Josh Gracin’s single “Nothin’ Like Us” is all about being in love with a girl and knowing you would do just about anything for her: “I'd do anything, girl, to please ya / My midnight wild child gypsy dreamer / I'm a riverside-baptized believer / In you, girl.” While strumming along on his guitar, Gracin -- sounding like a true country gentleman -- continues, “And I can't get enough of your love / Ooh, there's nothin’ like, nothin’ like, nothin’ like us.” “Nothin’ Like Us” will be headed to country radio on Jan. 16.

CJ Solar, “Airplane”

CJ Solar’s “Airplane” is a song full of deep Southern vocals and heavy percussion. With all of the country love songs out there, Solar aims to make his stand out by singing about a love so strong that it can be seen from an airplane above. In the country-rock tune, Solar sings, "Every time we move in real close / Sparks start to fly, raging out of control / We got this dot on the map ablaze / Girl, I bet you could see it from an airplane."

Kasey Tyndall, “Bar That’s Open”

“Bar That’s Open” has been released as the first single off of Kasey Tyndall’s debut album, Between Salvation and Survival. From the jump, it's obvious that this song is about finding relief for a broken heart via a bottles in a bar. Full of country twang, Tyndall sings, "We all stumble in here for the same different reasons / Yeah, somebody got left, somebody did the leaving / You're either sad that it’s done or you're happy that it's good and gone / But we all know hangin' over sure beats that hell out of hangin’ on." "Bar That's Open" was written by Lainey Wilson, Ashley McBryde and Tyndall.

Walker McGuire, “Lost”

Walker McGuire have released “Lost,” a song from their self-titled EP, which is due out on Jan. 12; the fast-paced love song was written by Jordan Walker, Kristian Bush and Justin Wilson. “Lost” is about getting completely … well, lost in the person that you love and being blinded when you’re around them. "Yeah, you're lookin' so pretty / Lost like a country boy's first time in the city,” Walker McGuire sing. “I'm so lost like a penny in a wishing well fountain / No headlights in the Carolina mountains." Although the boys are feeling lost, with a love this good, they “don’t want to be found.”

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