As the chart-topping duo Maddie & Tae prepare to release their sophomore album, they've been sharing some new tunes with fans live in concert. During a recent appearance at the Grand Ole Opry, Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye surprised the audience with one of those new songs, "Somebody Will;" readers can press play above to watch.

"Somebody Will" is a ballad in the beautiful, melancholy country-and-western style that Maddie & Tae are so good at capturing. Marlow and Dye pushed through a couple hiccups near the beginning of the song to deliver the sweeping serenade, directed at the guy that might just be neglecting his duties as a significant other.

According to NashvilleGab, Maddie & Tae told the Opry crowd that they're still working on their second record. During a recent interview with The Boot, the young women said they're "anxious" to release the project.

“Writing is probably one of our favorite parts of the entire process, because it really is just us going into a room and telling our co-writers what’s going on in our lives and making a song about that, and it’s really special." Dye says. "Right now, we’ve written every song on the second album. We’ve always said, we’re not completely shut off to the idea of taking an outside song, but it has to really stop us dead in our tracks.”

In October, Maddie & Tae shared their new song "Mirror, Mirror" with concertgoers in Baltimore, Md. The duo's freshman album, Start Here, is available for purchase on Amazon.

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