Nashville songwriter Josh Kerr headed to his Instagram page last month to send out a sweet message to girlfriend Taylor Dye, best known as a member of country duo Maddie & Tae.

“I would say yellow is her color but honestly anything is her color,” Kerr wrote, the caption accompanying a stunning pic of the Oklahoma native.

And while anyone who came across the love note could have assumed he was just trying to get himself some extra bonus points with his girlfriend, there was quite another (sneaky!) reason for the Instagram post.

“He’s very romantic in his own way, but the inside scoop behind that post is so funny,” Dye tells Taste of Country during a recent backstage interview before a show in Chicago. “He actually posted it around the same time Miranda Lambert got married and that weekend, everyone thought it was him in the photo.”

Kerr does bear a resemblance to Lambert's husband, police officer Brendan McLoughlin, a coincidence his pal Charles Kelley from Lady Antebellum enjoyed stirring up with an Instagram post that had everyone confused.

“Talk about out of the blue,” Kelley wrote on his Instagram page on February 23 alongside a pic of Kerr and Lambert’s new hubby Brendan McLoughlin. “Congrats to Josh Kerr on his marriage to Miranda Lambert. The songwriting community had no idea.”

“No one in the comments really got the sarcasm,” laughed Dye, who is up alongside bandmate Maddie Marlow for Duo of the Year at the upcoming ACM Awards. “So, what he really wanted was to have the first picture people saw on his page be a picture of me, so people didn’t actually think he married Miranda.”

Indeed, Kerr is still very much with Dye—professionally as well as personally. In fact, Dye says that he has written three of the songs that are going to be on the country duo’s upcoming album.

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