It's Mardi Gras, and if you are any sort of traditionalist when it comes to celebrating this festive holiday, you'll be partaking in some King Cake. Why not stir things up?

These King Cake Shots are something different, but they taste really good and look so darn cute. Plus, they will give you quite the buzz!

Who doesn't love a buzz on Mardi Gras?

Borrowed from our friends at, King Cake Shots are fairly easy to make. A cake-flavored vodka forms the base of the shots, the creamy liqueur (a.k.a. RumChata) makes it smooth, and then the cinnamon schnapps (a.k.a. Fireball) turns up the heat just a tad.

But what you will really find fun is in decorating them, as the shot glasses can be rimmed with the sparkly colors of Mardi Gras. Want to get really cute? Hide a surprise in one of the shot glasses, like a gummy bear or fruit gusher, to continue the King Cake tradition with these shots. But for the love of Mardi Gras, don't partake in all of these yourself! Grab your beads and invite some friends over for the ultimate celebration.

King Cake Shots Recipe:


vanilla frosting
green sanding sugar
purple Sanding Sugar
whipped cream
yellow sanding sugar
1 part RumChata
1 part Fireball
gummy candies (optional)


Using a butter knife, rim the top of each shot glass with vanilla frosting. Then, dip tops in sanding sugars.Combine equal parts RumChata and Fireball into each shot glass. Top with whipped cream and serve.

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