Maren Morris seems right at home singing a fellow Texan's song, even if it's not country. During a visit to the Bobby Bones Show on Tuesday (Aug. 28), she delivered a jaw-dropping rendition of Beyonce's "All Night" from her 2016 album Lemonade.

Backed by a full band, Morris' striking vocals are at the forefront of the emotional ballad. The bluesy throwback track is a great showcase of her power as a vocalist as she can segue just as easily from a rapid fire singing style to a soaring and sultry falsetto in seconds. Watch Morris' impressive take on Beyonce's song "All Night" in the video clip above.

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This is not the first time a country act has showed their love for Beyonce. Last year, the Dixie Chicks covered the pop star's country-tinged murder ballad "Daddy Lessons" throughout their DCX MMXVI World Tour. They also had the country world abuzz following after a performance with Beyonce at the 2016 CMA Awards. Another Texan, Miranda Lambert, previously called Beyonce her role model.

“One strong female artist I look up to is Beyonce,” Lambert tells “She handles herself well and has such class.” Later, Lambert gushed to Taste of Country Nights host Sam Alex about the time she met Beyonce.

“I’m a huge fan,” she said, “like, almost-stalker, but not quite. I went to see her in Dallas. Beyoncé is so famous, she has a celebrity meet-and-greet. There’s a meet-and-greet, then another meet-and-greet, then anyone who might be famous meet-and-greet. You know you’ve made it when you have a celebrity meet-and-greet.”

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