Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are celebrating their final Valentine's Day alone, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

In a sweet Instagram post for his wife, Hurd says watching Morris become a mother has deepened his love for her.

"I look at her and I am full of pride," he writes on Instagram. "If you could hear the little things she says, it’s just amazing how happy this kid has already made her. I am so proud of her for carrying this baby and it has made me love her more."

Morris and Hurd — who will welcome a baby boy in March — have been preparing for their little one's arrival mostly in private. Although Morris has spoken publicly about their plans for his nursery, preparing her bus to bring him on the road and how he's already keeping her up at night, the pair have mostly "been too busy living to share" many of their most precious moments, Hurd admits.

"This season of my life has been so fun and so satisfying but it’s been mostly just ours," he says, adding that he's thrilled that Morris "has taken the time and space to rest her mind and her body after 4 years of going nonstop."

Morris' tour calendar is clear until baby boy arrives, except for one major show: In early March, she'll headline Rodeo Houston. Hurd, meanwhile, is keeping busy with his own Platonic Tour, which will run through late March.

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