Maren Morris recently shared a throwback shot of her American Idol audition ticket when she tried out for the singing competition as a teen in 2007, which her mom kept, despite the fact that Morris never made it past the first round.

"It wasn't really into sports growing up, but this feels like the equivalent of your mom saving your 10th place trophy," the singer joked in the caption of her post.

All jokes aside, Morris doesn't have any regrets when she thinks about what might have been. On the contrary, she tells Taste of Country Nights that she was "absolutely not" ready for stardom when she first tried out for Idol, and it was a stroke of good luck that she wasn't picked to move ahead on the show.

"I'm glad they passed on me, honestly. These shows have turned out some great artists. Gabby [Barrett], Carrie [Underwood], Kelly Clarkson. But honestly, I think if I had made it through when I was 17, when I tried out, I would not have been ready for anything," the singer says. "I would have been a nightmare."

After Idol passed on her in 2007, Morris would have to wait nearly 10 more years before her breakout hit, "My Church," launched her into country music stardom. By that point, "I was a little more formed for the world," she continues. "I don't think I would have made a great teenage superstar."

Morris' story is an important lesson for anyone struggling to face the rejection that the music industry brings, and it's also a full-circle moment when she sees contestants on the show — even in the very final rounds — who look up to her.

"It didn't work out, but I am very glad. And now I'm headlining Bridgestone and Hollywood Bowl and Red Rocks, really getting to make my own way here, and contestants on those shows use my songs to audition," Morris quips. "So it's full circle."

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