Margo Price has big plans for the coming months: a new album, All American Made, and her 2018 Nowhere Fast Tour. The singer-songwriter shared the news of both on Wednesday (Sept. 6).

All American Made, due out Oct. 20 via Third Man Records, is a collection of 12 songs, all recorded in Memphis, Tenn., at Sam Phillips Recording, following the 2016 election. In an Instagram post announcing the project, Price shares that the tracks were written, both solo and with her husband and bandmate Jeremy Ivey, "while traveling America -- between the highways and hotel rooms, in the crowded airports and all-night diners and occasionally, on the green grass of our Tennessee home."

One of Price's All American Made tracks features Willie Nelson; another is the title track from her Weakness EP, surprise-released in late July. Price and Ivey co-produced the record with Matt Ross-Spang and Alex Munoz. Readers can press play below to hear "A Little Pain," Track No. 3 on All American Made.

In 2018, Price will hit the road in support of All American Made, on her 2018 Nowhere Fast Tour. An Instagram post reveals 19 tour stops, running from late January through early March; tickets will be on sale beginning on Sept. 15.

Before signing with Third Man Records, Price sold her car and pawned her wedding ring to help pay to record her debut album, 2016's Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, at Memphis’ legendary Sun Studio. After recording the album, Price shopped the project around in Nashville but found no takers until connecting with Jack White‘s Third Man Records; she’s now the label’s lone country artist.

“[Third Man Records has] been so supportive and completely changed my mind about a lot of people in the music industry, because I’ve not always had the best experience with labels and management and things like that,” Price says. “This has just been a complete 360 to have them in my corner and have them fighting for me and out there working for me.”

In March, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter beat out about 250 other debut albums to win the 2017 American Music Prize, which “aims to encourage, discover, reward and promote new music of excellence by USA artists,” according to the Prize’s official website. Twelve finalists, from all different genres, were announced in early February.

Margo Price, All American Made Track Listing:

1. “Don’t Say It”
2. “Weakness”
3. “A Little Pain”
4. “Learning to Lose” (feat. Willie Nelson)
5. “Pay Gap”
6. “Nowhere Fast”
7. “Cocaine Cowboys”
8. “Wild Women”
9. “Heart of American”
10. “Do Right By Me”
11. “Loner”
12. “All American Made”

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