Margo Price's episode of Austin City Limits premieres on Saturday (Jan. 21), but readers of The Boot can get an exclusive first look at one of her performances from show right now. Click play above to watch the singer-songwriter perform her tune "Hands of Time" as part of her ACL debut with Hayes Carll.

Price is a storyteller, plain and simple. Sure, she combines those stories with beautiful compositions and fearlessly gritty vocals, but when you listen, it's the poetic lyrics of her songs that always seem to stand out most. Nowhere is that rich storytelling more powerful than in Price's autobiographical tune "Hands of Time," which travels through the artist's childhood in small-town Texas, the early days of her music career, her time hard-living in Nashville and the death of her son. Price is fearlessly honest about bad luck in "Hands of Time," finally coming to rest in a place of raw vulnerability and self-identity.

"'Cause all I want to do is make my own path / 'Cause I know what I am, I know what I have," Price sings in the final iteration of the song's chorus. "I want to buy back the farm / And bring my mama home some wine / Turn back the clock on the cruel hands of time."

While the lyrics of "Hands of Time" make as much of an impact as ever in Price's performance of the song on Austin City Limits, a fresh take on its instrumentation makes the tune sound brand new in more ways than one. During Price's ACL performance, "Hands of Time" almost sounds like a jazz song ... until the heavy twang of that steel guitar, as played by Price's husband and bandmate, Jeremy Ivey, picks up.

Along with "Hands of Time," on Austin City Limits, Price performed a few other favorites from her debut disc, Midwest Farmer's Daughter, including "Desperate and Depressed" and a fiery rendition of "Hurtin' (on the Bottle)." Price's ACL episode will air on PBS at 9PM ET on Jan. 21; immediately following the initial broadcast, the episode will be available for a limited time on PBS’ website. Check the Austin City Limits website for local broadcast information.

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