Marty Brown is celebrating the kind of carefree love that transcends generations in his fun new video for his latest single, "Umbrella Lovers."

Brown's new "Umbrella Lovers" video intersperses footage of Brown strumming and singing the song under an umbrella at an outdoor sidewalk cafe with scenes of young lovers frolicking on the beach before taking refuge under a beach umbrella.

As the video progresses, an older couple at the cafe get up and proceed to dance along to the music before sharing a kiss that's just as sweet as their younger counterparts. Brown also takes a passing waitress for a spin on the impromptu dance floor in the feel-good clip.

The video features Brown's daughter, Emma, in a starring role along with her real-life boyfriend, Bruce Taylor, and her siblings, Randy and Christian, portray patrons in the restaurant. Brown’s wife, Shellie, portrays the waitress with whom he dances, and Brown himself directed and produced the "Umbrella Lovers" video.

The shoot wasn't without its challenges.

“One of the large props, a beach umbrella, even blew away during filming. Some fishermen grabbed it as it tumbled down the beach," Brown tells us. But it wasn't all bad. "They said it was the only thing they’d caught all day."

"Umbrella Lovers" is the lead single from Brown's upcoming new album, American Highway, which is set for release from Plowboy Records in May. The new deal marks Brown's first record deal in twenty years.

Brown first came to attention as a modern-day country traditionalist during a run at MCA Records in the '90s, and he's written songs for other artists, including “I’m From the Country” for Tracy Byrd, “When I Stop Loving You” for Trace Adkins and Brooks & Dunn's “It Ain’t Me If It Ain’t You.". He left his career when his MCA deal ended at the end of the '90s, and he's spent most of the ensuing two decades quietly at home.

His wife, Shellie, convinced Brown to take a shot at music again by booking him a small gig, and in 2013 she surprised him by driving him to Nashville to audition for America's Got Talent, where he finished in the Top 10. Brown's performance of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love” went viral, earning more than 11 million views on YouTube and setting him on the road to a new record.

For more information about Marty Brown, visit his official website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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