Mary Chapin Carpenter is set to release a new album, The Things That We Are Made Of, on May 6.

Carpenter's new disc features 11 tracks, including its lead single, "Something Tamed Something Wild."

"It was important to me that it be the first song on the record," Carpenter tells Rolling Stone Country. "I think sequencing is really important. I'm old-school; I still think of the excitement of getting a full album. I still think in those terms when I'm writing … trying to create a particular environment and a thematically related collection of songs. That's how I grew up listening to music and how I grew up receiving an artist's work."

Press play below to hear the tune. The Things That We Are Made Of was produced by Dave Cobb.

“Working with Dave felt great from the first day of our sessions," Carpenter says in a press release. "He is always willing to try something new, believes that ‘yes’ is the only answer and surrounds himself with wonderfully talented and generous musicians; by the end of the project, I felt as if I was a part of a new family."

More information about Carpenter, including pre-order details for The Things That We Are Made Of and news about her upcoming shows, is available on her website.

Listen to Mary Chapin Carpenter, "Something Tamed Something Wild":

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