Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s … an invisible Mercedes. What do you mean you can’t look? Oh, right, it’s invisible.

Mercedes wanted to make it known that its new F-Cell vehicle has no exhaust emissions, and is thus virtually invisible to the environment — so in a nifty publicity stunt, the car makers covered one side of the vehicle in LEDs, and mounted a digital video camera on the other side to transmit images to the LEDs. The end result makes it seem as though you can see right through the car.

If this seems familiar, it is — a creative party-goer employed a similar trick on an awesome Halloween costume last year. You probably don’t remember it because you were drunk.

Mercedes says its hydrogen-powered drive system is “ready for series production,” with other reports saying it won’t be released until 2014. But regardless, it won’t be cheap (not that a Mercedes ever is) — since it’s tough to store and transport hydrogen, the fuel-cell technology is still super pricey.

Wonder Woman and her invisible plane have nothin’ on this thing except a great set and a truth lasso. Watch what happened when Mercedes drove the car through the streets of Germany:

[Via Mashable]