From the brazen chanting of "Where is Roger?" to the continuous rumblings of waggishness from the Patriots, top to bottom, this franchise cannot be stopped.

Coming off deflategate and a rehashing of spygate, one would assume that the Patriots would be on their best behavior against the Steelers on the opening game of the NFL schedule. From all accounts, the defending Super Bowl champs were not.

In the post-game press conference, the Steelers head coach was asked if there was trouble with the radio communication between the coaches.

Here is the dialogue between Tomlin and reporters [via CBS Sports]:

Reporter: Mike there was a report that your radio went out?

Tomlin: That's always the case.

R: Here?

T: Yes.

R: So you're saying every time you play here you have rad—

T: I said what I said.

R: Mike what exactly happened, you just didn't have any communication?

T: We were listening to the Patriots radio broadcast for the majority of the first half. On our headsets.

R: Was it coach to quarterback or...

T: Coach to coach

Tomlin was visibly angry about the situation, but clarified that he wasn't accusing the Patriots. "I'm not indicating nothing," Tomlin said. "I'm telling you what happened.”

This is just another situation in a long line of situations where the Patriots are straddling the line between trying to win and downright cheating. They can't be the only team doing this, but they are the only ones getting caught consistently.

I guess that's just The Patriot Way.

I don't know if Tom Brady will win one for his thumb this season, but you better believe that the Patriots will do anything and everything they can to make sure that it is a possibility. Even if it involves radiogate. Or is it headsetgate? Let's go with communigate.

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