Maren Morris, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Martina McBride are a few of the country stars Miranda Lambert thought of when naming her new chickens. The 14 birds are all uniquely named, even if some of the monikers are a tiny bit dark.

Martina McFried and Betty White Meat are two of the more delicious names Lambert shared with fans on Instagram Stories recently. She also came up with Tanya Clucker, Betty Cocker and — to prove she's inclusive of all genres of music — Hennifer Lopez. How can she tell them all apart? More importantly, does Chrishen Stapleton have an impressive beard? Has Willie Nelshen been caught rolling a fat doobie in the back of the coop?

Watch the video above to see the birds and their cozy new home on Lambert's Tennessee property. When not traveling in her new Airstream trailer, that's where she has been during the coronavirus quarantine — at home.

The 36-year-old shares periodic updates with fans on social media and performs during televised specials. On Wednesday night (June 3), she delivered an acoustic performance of "Bluebird" during CMT's tribute to heroes. The moment was important for her, as her husband is NYPD.

Officially, the remainder of Lambert's 2020 Wildcard Tour has been moved to October. The tour was named after her most recent album, released in November 2019. The near-Top 10 hit "Bluebird" follows the Top 20 "It All Comes Out in the Wash" as singles from the album.

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