Miranda Lambert may have been comfortable singing in front of most of the United States at once during the Super Bowl, but making her big-screen debut as an actress is an entirely different story. Lambert’s acting premiere on ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’ will air tomorrow (Feb. 8) at 10:00PM ET on NBC. Talking to Country Weekly about the experience, Lambert admits she was extremely nervous while shooting.

“I felt [more] uncomfortable than I’ve felt in my life,” she said. “I was so nervous and so out of my comfort zone … It was good for me because you get complacent, you get comfortable. With music I know what I’m doing, I’ve got it down. Acting is something I’ve never done before, so the first second I had to walk in front of that camera with these experienced actors around me, it was so scary.”

Lambert plays the part of an aspiring actress who is also a rape victim on the show. She describes her role on ‘SVU’ as being the exact opposite of her real-life personality. “I’m very plain and very subdued—we all know that I’m opposite of that—so it was the greatest experience,” she says. Other celebs making guest appearances on the new ‘SVU’ episode include Harry Connick Jr. and actor Michael McKean.

Perhaps this television moment will serve to bolster the spirits of the country starlet, who has experienced a couple of rough weeks laced with tragedy and loss. After seeing herself sharpening her acting chops on NBC, Lambert will head to the Grammys this weekend, where she will be one of the illustrious presenters.

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