I love a good conspiracy. I don't necessarily BELIEVE them, but I do love them and it turns out I'm not the only one.

USDirect.com recently published the results of a study to see what the most searched conspiracy theory was state by state. To accomplish this lofty goal they combed through the mother lode of conspiracy theories, Reddit. They ended up with nine primary ideas that people were searching for, the top contender being.

Drum roll please.

New World Order. (Hey, it's only a conspiracy if it's not true, so what's this doing on the list?) Topping the list in more than 25 states this is easily the number one searched conspiracy theory in the country. It was also the top search in both Texas and Oklahoma.

New Coke was another popular search with the idea being that Coca-Cola only changed the formula so they could make a big deal of bringing the old formula back.

Lizard People made the list. The notion that Queen Elizabeth and George W. Bush were actually 'reptilians' or 'reptoids' is a popular topic of really late night Radio shows. And apparently several people were searching it because it topped the list in Montana.

The Flat Earth Society is still alive topping the survey in Colorado and Utah.

Flat Earth in space
David Roberts / ThinkStock

Other popular searches included Black Helicopters and the idea that the Moon Landing was faked and shot on a sound stage. I have to admit, the first time I saw the moon landing video as a child my mind immediately jumped to the question, "If this is the first man on the moon, who's holding the camera?" The idea that the camera was mounted to the outside of the lunar lander had never even crossed my 9-year-old mind.

You can see the complete survey results, along with brief explanations of each of the theories on the USDirect website.

Whether you believe the theories or not, it's fun to see what each state is searching for most. Just remember to wear your tin foil hat when you explore the possibilities so the reptoids in the black helicopters leaving chemtrails over your head can't read your mind.

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