The masked man is back, 'The Lone Ranger' rides again! This past Friday night (06-21-13) I was invited to the special screening and red carpet event for Disney's new film 'The Lone Ranger' in theaters Wednesday, July 3rd 2013 (07-03-13) It was a dream come true to see the masked man back on the silver screen, to be a part of this special screening was an experience I'll never forget!

Being a HUGE fan of westerns and a HUGE fan of 'The Lone Ranger' I couldn't wait to see this movie. I've been pretty much unlivable since the news broke that we'd finally get not only a new western in theaters, but 'The Lone Ranger' no less. NO ONE'S a bigger fan!

As a kid growing up I couldn't tell you the hours and hours I spent watching the masked man on T.V. reading the books, comic books and even listening to classic episodes of 'The Lone Ranger' radio series on album, yep I'm that old! I must have gone through a million rolls of caps, at least a hundred masks and never got tired of playing the part of 'The Lone Ranger'.

I'll have to admit when I first heard about the possibility of a new ‘Lone Ranger’ movie and who was involved I was a little skeptical wondering how the writers, directors, producers and actors would portray my childhood hero.

The last thing I wanted was to be disappointed, or even worse, see the franchise of this great American legend run through the dirt so to speak. Rest assured fellow Ranger fans, they got it right and the film was even better than I expected! Fan or not, young or old, you’ll enjoy this movie, if not love it! They've preserved the legend and expanded upon it and I'm sure made some new fans along the way. I imagine a whole new generation of Rangers will emerge and keep the legend alive.

Official 'Lone Ranger' movie trailer:

Prior to the movie screening we had the opportunity to welcome Johnny Depp back to Lawton along with several members of the cast and crew including director Gore Verbinski and co producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The red carpet event was a show in itself, click here to see some of the highlights. We enjoyed the Comanche Fancy Dancers and Buckskin Dancers along with the Comanche Drummers. Johnny Depp  was recently adopted by the Comanche tribe as he studied and prepared for his role as Tonto in the 'Lone Ranger'.

After the welcoming ceremonies and the red carpet event were over I went into the theater to finally see this movie. Before the lights went out and they started the movie there was one more surprise! Johnny Depp, Gore Verbinski, Jerry Bruckheimer, Gil Birmingham, Comanche Nation Chairman Wallace Coffey and several other distinguished guests made a presentation. They talked with the audience about Depp's recent adoption into the Comanche Tribe, his dedication to his new family and of course his inspiration behind his portrayal of 'Tonto' in the new movie.

'The Lone Ranger' Premiere pre-show presentation with cast & crew:

I don't want to ruin any surprises or give anything away, so I'll limit my review to the known legend of the 'Lone Ranger', my opinions of the film and the experience I had, versus going over specifics. The new movie is based on the  classic story of the 1953 20th anniversary telling of ‘The Lone Ranger’ legend.

This movie puts to rest the argument of what the Lone Ranger's real name, more specifically his first name is. They follow a similar story line about a younger John Reid A.K.A, the 'Lone Ranger' and his older brother Dan Reid who's a Captain in the Texas Rangers pursuing Bartholomew "Butch" Cavendish and his band of outlaws. They end up getting ambushed after being betrayed and led into the trap by one of their own.

After the gun smoke clears all the Rangers are dead, except John Reid who ends up being saved by Tonto. To prevent Cavendish from knowing he's still alive Tonto digs 7 graves so he thinks he's killed all the Rangers. Both men have a score to settle with Cavendish and vow to fight and ride for justice. This is the basic story of how the Lone Ranger & Tonto begins. The new movie follows this plot, but also adds to the legend. Basically it's a retelling of a classic story with new additions and told from various points of view.

As a kid growing up and even today when someone mentions the Lone Ranger I always think of Clayton Moore who played the role in the classic television series from 1949 to 1953 along with Jay Silverheels as Tonto. For many, me included these two will always be the Lone Ranger and Tonto. The Lone Ranger T.V. Series

So What about Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp in these famous roles? These two did a great job and brought a whole new angle to the story, as well as depth to the characters. For the new generation they will be the Lone Ranger and Tonto, I can't think of two better actors to continue the legend! Any fears I might have had regarding the actors and their roles in the new film was quickly laid to rest, I was convinced and more than happy with what I was watching.

You absolutely have to see this film in the theater to really appreciate it! This is a western in the classic sense, filmed the way things use to be done. All those beautiful panoramic scenes from actual locations, there's a real John Ford feel to the cinematography. Director Gore Verbinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer obviously did their homework on how a real western is made. It's not only beautiful there's real life action with very little C.G.I. (Computer Generated Imagery) The stunt work and horsemanship are fantastic! There's plenty of action, comedy, drama and even romance.

I don't want to reveal too much, but I have to talk briefly about the beginning of this movie and my thoughts about what happens. It won't make a lot of sense to you until you see the film and I'll keep it as vague as possible. At the start of the movie a little kid maybe ten or twelve years old meets Tonto at a wild west exhibit. The kid is wearing a mask and has his cap guns at the ready in his holsters. As soon as I saw this I imagined it was Clayton Moore hearing the story of the Lone Ranger from Tonto himself. It added something really special to the movie, others might see it differently. Right or wrong I personally will always view it this way.

Throughout the movie you'll hear classic sayings from the Lone Ranger and references to the legend. The one thing that meant more to me than anything else was hearing the 'William Tell Overture' and seeing the masked man ride again! We heard the theme early in the movie, but just for a brief moment. I wanted more, a lot more. I sat and waited, and waited hoping we'd see and hear that theme and the Lone Ranger just like we did in the good old days. I was starting to feel a little anxious thinking to myself "This can't be it!", Then it happened! The familiar music started to play as the Lone Ranger rode onto the screen and went into action. I couldn't help myself I stood up and started clapping and cheering, I practically made a spectacle of myself. In my mind I could hear those famous words loud and clear:

"A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty Hi-Yo Silver...The Lone Ranger!"