Several historic buildings on Music Row are getting closer to saving.

The National Register of Historic Places is currently backing research that could potentially lead to the preservation of several recording studios, publishing houses and record labels on Nashville's famed Music Row, the Tennessean reports.

Recently, the Park Service approved the addition of House of David, which is the longest owned commercial studio on Music Row. This brings the total of properties protected on Music Row to four. However, up to 65 buildings located on the Row have been identified with history that could also be added to the register. Researchers Robbie Jones and Carolyn Brackett have concluded that there are 200 music-related businesses currently operating on Music Row, with the hopes of more establishments being preserved.

“The Park Service’s approval of the Music Row research is a powerful validation of our efforts to see this one-of-a-kind cultural district not only survive but thrive for generations to come,” David Brown, executive vice president and chief preservation officer of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, says. “Older buildings and blocks are key components to creating successful cities and neighborhoods. Reusing and reinvesting in the historic properties of Music Row will help create a vital and economically strong area that will sustain key treasures of our nation’s musical heritage.”

While each of these buildings continue to hold much history, the city of Nashville continues to build plans for preservation. Earlier this year, Metro Planning Executive Director Doug Sloan proposed the idea of creating a new Music Row code where a city board would have to sign off on redevelopment on each of the 65 properties already protected. While no code had been set in place at press time, owners of these historic properties and music fans can find some solace in that the city is getting closer to preserving its iconic establishments like RCA Studio A, which almost saw its demise until the building was saved in 2014.

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