We are one week into our WIN CASH contest, where you have ten opportunities every weekday to win $10,000.  It's hard to imagine just how much money that really is, until, you start a shopping list of what you'd do if you won.  Here are my Top Five things I'd do if I were to win $10,000. Ok, I'd do these if someone gave me the Ten Grand too!


  • Lowes.comJeri Anderson
    Lowes.comJeri Anderson

    Patio Door $1214.00

    The first item on my list is something that I am now needing desperately!  I just renovated my den, which leads to our deck, however, because of the rearrangement of the furniture in the den, I cannot have a door that opens the direction of the current door.  And I need more light and a doggie door.  The doggie door may have to be installed at another time, but this door is about $300 cheaper than a competitor, and, has blinds encased in both doors.  The lowest-priced item on my wish list

  • Overstock.com

    Gazebo Patio $2146.00

    Now that our backyard is becoming a meeting place, what better way to enhance it than with a beautiful Gazebo.  This one has a roof, but, I'm not totally against the trestle type roof either.  This one would be adjacent to our fire pit and pool.  A concrete floor would be great, but would cost too much I'm afraid.  That one may have to wait for the next Ten Grand!

  • Poolfactory.com

    New Hard Side Pool $3,055.00

    I have used my soft side pool for going on year number four.  It is still in great shape, but in the not-so-distant future, we are going to have to replace it and when I do, it's going to be a bigger, studier pool.  My grands are getting bigger every year, and they need more space to splash, and so do I!

  • Handout, Getty Images
    Handout, Getty Images

    Extended Cruise $1,999.00

    I am a cruise girl.  I've been on several and scheduled (fingers crossed) for another in just two weeks.  For this extended cruise, I'm going to need at least 7 days and your not-so-ordinary itinerary.  My budget is around $2000, so, once I win, I can choose where I want to go!

  • Amazon.com

    Amazon Gift Card $????

    Basically, this would clean up the remainder of the $10,000.  There can be nothing wrong with a few new clothes, or lawn/patio furniture to put under the gazebo, or that doggie door, or even curtains for my new patio door.  And we didn't even think or talk about labor for these projects. Ouch!  That may be a problem too.

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