I wake up to this song by this artist every morning.  It gives me hope that this kind of love exists.  I've seen it in others, and I know that before I settle again for something short, I want this!

I learned this weekend, as many of you did, that the author of my favorite song, Brandon Jenkins passed away after complications from heart surgery.  How sad for the Red Dirt music world and to those like me whose dreams are inspired by his music. I have to admit the first time that I heart this song, it wasn't sung by Jenkins, in fact, it was months before I even knew who wrote it.  Samantha Rose a local artist included it in her sets and that's where I fell in love.  Later, I learned that another Red Dirt artist, Stoney Larue actually had a more popular recording that even Jenkins himself.

Anyone who listens to our 'Live and Local' show on Sunday nights, knows that it doesn't matter who sings this song, I just love it. And the dream of finding it. Whose version do you like better; Brandon Jenkins, or Stoney Larue?

Here a quick poll:

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