I have lived in Lawton since 1972.  That's a long, long time.  I went to Junior High, and High School here (Tomlinson for 1 Semester, the Central for the other 2 years, and Lawton High School).  After this many years, I truly consider myself a Lawtonian.

I grew up for most of those years in this house.  We'll call it 'This Old House' like the TV Show, because that's just about how the renovation of our place seems.  My family bought this house in 1972, and someone in my family has lived in it until January of this year.  Mom lived her until she entered assisted living and my Sister and son after that until January 2020.

After my Mom passed away none of my brother or sisters wanted the house, and agreed to sell it to me. There is just something about living in a 'family house' that appeals to me in such a deep way.  Being a Nana, and a Mom, I want my family to have that touch stone that I had as a place that they could always call home. This was my home, it will be my kids home, and my littles too.

There is saying that I've seen on Facebook that really describes how I feel about the meaning of home and what I want this house to be:

One Day

That's how it was at Mom's.  We could walk in and she took the kids, and weight of the world from us and we could just be. But that is more a story about her.  This is about this house.

We found out pretty early about what we didn't know, as much as what we knew.  Like, I had no idea that we had to go to the City of Lawton for permits before we could do anything.  Submit floor plans and get licensed contractors to do any work, even if it was just renovation a couple rooms. That little trip set us back close to $600.  Yep, it's costly to get permitted to do the work on your own house. Here's  little photo journey of what we've done so far.

This Old House

We are trying very hard to not call this place 'The Money Pit', but it is what it is! It's home and it's costly.  Stay tuned for more chapters of 'This Old House #IRL'. (That's In Real Life just in case you are not cool.

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