Nashville is the “home of country music”, but it is also well known for being cutthroat for new musicians eager to be in the limelight.  Once in a while a lucky artist breaks through and Michael Scott has done just that. 

It was not just luck that brought Scott to his current success.  His constant drive and passion for music is what has made him an admired performer and now a nationally touring artist.  He has hit many bumps in his road to country fame but every time life brought him down, he came back even stronger.  Country music has been apart of Scott’s life since childhood and after hearing artists like George Strait and Randy Travis he knew that singing country music is what he wanted to do.

Scott likes to give high-energy performances and combines his traditional country sound with a trace of southern rock.  With the release of his single “Radio Song”, Scott has captured the sound and feeling of summer.  The goal of his music has always been “to make people forget their problems and have a good time”, and I think this new single does just that.


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