Neal McCoy has a few folks speculating over the unique title of his new song, "Take a Knee ... My Ass," which addresses his feelings about those who refuse to rise for the national anthem as a form of protesting social injustice in America. Some people turned to Twitter to comically wonder about the grammar and possible meaning of the song, and the results range from silly to downright hilarious.

Funniest Tweets About "Take a Knee ... My Ass"

While McCoy framed the message behind "Take a Knee ... My Ass" in an entertaining way as he so often does, there's no mistaking his sincerity when it comes to how seriously he takes the national anthem. He's long been a strong and very vocal supporter of our men and women in the armed services.

"I’ve been on 15 USO tours," he says. "I’ve entertained our troops in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and all over the world. So, no, this is not a money grab. This is a guy that believes in our country, that does not like people kneeling, not standing with their hands over their hearts, for the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem. That’s what I’m about."

In fact, McCoy is so serious about the Pledge of Allegiance that he has posted a video of himself saying it online every day for nearly two years, sometimes joined by his celebrity friends.

"Take a Knee ... My Ass" is available for download via iTunes and Amazon.

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