So, could this signal the end of road rage as we know it?

YouTuber Mark Rober has used his noodle to come up with a friendly car horn -- that is, a car horn that beeps two quick honks in succession to sound less than confrontational.

Rober realized that horns tend to give off an angry vibe when you hit them in traffic and that may cause other drivers to become angry or place them on the defensive.

Enter the friendly horn, which is quicker and slightly quieter, and can be used in a variety of situations.

So, will car companies take a lesson from Rober's custom-made horn and install them? Only time will tell. But if they can have rear view cameras and Bluetooth capability, we think they can add a specialized horn.

And as for the idea that road rage will decrease, well, we're not sold on it. Angry drivers will be made no matter what -- heck, they may even become irate because you're honking a rinky dink noise in their direction instead of some authoritarian sound that will grab their attention.

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