After Niko Moon released his feel-good anthem "Good Time,"  the rising country music star got a tattoo of the song title to celebrate the occasion.

And it's not the only body ink the artist has that observes his journey in entertainment.

During a recent appearance on Taste of Country Nights, the singer told hosts Evan and Amber all about his music-related tats. Having spotted the ink, they asked Moon about which came first — the song or the tattoo. Unsurprisingly, the musician's answer indicated just how dear he holds his songcraft.

"The tune came first," Moon explains. "It started about two years ago — that one was a long time in the making. [I got the tatttoo] when I first got signed to Sony, and I knew that I was coming out with 'Good Time' as my very first song as an artist."

The musician continues, "I like to think of tattoos as almost like bookmarks in big moments of life. So when I look at all my tattoos, they remind me of all these moments. So coming out with my very first song as an artist on the radio, I knew I had to commemorate that with a tattoo."

That means Moon boasts a host of other tats that chart his career path. He even shares some of those with his wife — also a songwriter herself. In fact, in conversation with Taste of Country Nights, the singer described a few of the body adornments that match each other on both he and his spouse.

"We have four or five tattoos together," Moon reveals. "We actually wrote 'Good Time' together, and we both have this deep love for songwriting. So we got an ink and quill tattoo to represent our love for writing songs. We both got a tattoo when we got married, too — we got little moons on our ring fingers."

Tattoos aside, perhaps the most burning question on the minds of Niko Moon fans is that of new music. Is he recording a debut album to follow-up his recent EP and handful of singles? Fear not, loyal listeners — the entertainer does indeed have such an effort in the works, and it will be a pure party disc.

"I'm working on it all day every day, pretty much, in my studio," Moon says. "It's going to be right up there with the vibe of the EP — all fun, positive, upbeat, happy country music. I wanted to make an album that was that vibe the whole way through. So you can put it on when you're out on your deck with your friends. Or out at the lake with your family. You don't have to skip any songs because they get a little too sad or a little too serious."

Adds the singer, "I just wanted to make, no pun intended, but a good time album."

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