A few weeks ago I got the first dose of the COVID 19 vaccination.  I'm ready to schedule the second dose.  Have you gotten yours yet?  I know that for a time, you had to be in certain categories to be eligible for the vaccine.  Well, good news!  Oklahoma has become one of the first states to open vaccinations for all residents!

To commemorate this,  our Governor, Kevin Still got his vaccination today as well! He received the Johnson & Johnson one dose vaccine during a press conference that celebrated the Phase 4 rollout.  As of now all residents at least 16 or older can schedule an appointment for the vaccine.

“Today we are another step closer to getting our summer back,” said Gov. Stitt. “I am grateful to our health department for being relentless in their efforts to rollout the COVID vaccine in Oklahoma. Their determination is the reason why now, in Oklahoma, anyone who wants a vaccine can get one.”

Oklahoma joins our neighbor to the south Texas and Mississippi as the first states to offer vaccinations to every resident of the state.

If you haven't yet scheduled you appointment for you vaccine, you can visit here, to find locations for your vaccine, you'll fill out a short questionnaire, and get your appointment scheduled.

Whether you choose the one dose vaccine like Governor Stitt did, or choose one of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, one thing is sure of all three.  You are doing your part to curb the spread of the Coronavirus COVID 19.

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