From Guymon, Oklahoma, all the way down to Durant, Oklahomans are ready for spring! But every part of the state will experience the year's last frost at different times, making winter linger a little longer for some.

Soon Oklahomans will want to start planting their gardens, but they'll want to wait till Oklahoma's last frost of the year. Most areas won't see the last frost until well after Easter, so Okies may want to hold off planting in their gardens.

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The first day of spring is March 19, and what most people love most about spring are all of the beautiful plants and colorful flowers! But a frost can be deadly to most plants, so people often wait till after the first frost to get any plants in the ground or out on their porch.

Until the lost frost, Oklahoma gardeners usually focus on prepping their gardens, cleaning up dead debris from winter or pruning their bushes.

When will Oklahoma see its last frost?

Every area of Oklahoma will experience the last frost at different times, but it looks like the average time will be after Easter. According to the Old Farmers Almanac, if you're in northwest Oklahoma, you could see the last frost on April 23. And if you're in central Oklahoma, the last frost is predicted for April 10. Then in southeast Oklahoma, the frost may come April 7.

A full list of Oklahoma towns and their predicted last frost dates are available on the Old Farmers Almanac website. They also have a planting guide based on your zip code.

Oklahoma's Beneficial Insects

Not all insects are pests! There are some insects that are beneficial to you and your garden. In a study by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service on beneficial insects, "most insects found in yards, gardens or crops do not feed on or harm plants. Many are just 'passing through' or have very innocuous habits. Others feed on and destroy pest species. In many cases, the activities of these beneficial species can prevent or greatly limit pest problems."

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