People are now starting to realize what Okies have known all along.  Oklahoma is a great place to live.

In a new survey by, Oklahoma lands as the 2nd best state for Senior Adults.  They used 15 different factors when conducting the survey including healthcare costs, cost of living and taxes, and we are number 2!

Carsten Reisinger

My parents moved to Oklahoma in 1974, and both lived out their lives here.  My Dad who was an avid hunter and fisherman, loved the climate of Oklahoma.  He could either hunt or fish nearly year round.  Yes, it's true that the military brought him here, but the reason he stayed was so much more.  We were originally from Georgia, and the cost of living in Oklahoma was so much more practical for a family of 7.  My mom didn't work until much later in life, so that family had to live on just one paycheck.

In my adult life, I've lived in 3 states, Oklahoma, Illinois, and Texas, and of the three, Oklahoma wins hands down.  The closer my husband and I get to retirement age, (notice I said to 'retirement age', not to retirement!) the more and more we think about where we want to spend those Golden Years.  And, the fact that we just bought and renovated my Mother's and Father's House, does tend to make us lean pretty hard for staying in Oklahoma.  Plus, the fact that all of our kids and grand kids also live here makes a pretty big difference too.

According to the survey, less than 2% of senior adults retire to a state other than the one they are living in anyway, so I guess we are in the majority.  And after-all, 2nd best isn't a bad place to fall anyway!  Oh, by the way, no surprise here, Florida was the top state for Senior adults to retire!

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