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I'm not gonna lie, I am a music fan, and my tastes change depending on what I'm going through at the moment.  I'm a huge Brett Young fan, ordering and pre-ordering everything that he has released so far!

But, sitting in the wings, this little group, Old Dominion, has steadily been making there way into my heart!  With songs like 'Break Up with Him', and 'Snapback', they found a solid place on my playlist.

Old Dominion

I'm really more of a ballad girl, so songs from Old Dominion's 'Happy Endings' like 'No Such Thing as a Broken Heart', and 'Written in the Sand', were among my favorites.

Now, I have said it publicly, my new favorite song is 'One Man Band', it's from the yet to be released 'Old Dominion' Cd, set for release October 25.  I've actually pre-ordered it so I'll have it as soon as it comes out!  Take a listen to the song, and you can pre-order for your self!  I promise you will not be disappointed!





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