Lil Nas X brought together Billy Ray Cyrus and Mason Ramsey for the second official remix of hjis wildly popular hit "Old Town Road"—and he included a brand-new animated music video filled with pop-culture references galore!

The video is (wait for it) themed around Area 51, the highly classified United States Air Force facility in Nevada that is the subject of many alien-related conspiracy theories. Nas' fans began a GoFundMe to have Nas perform before the viral event that asks people to rush Area 51 on Sept. 20.

The petition didn't gain much traction, but Nas decided to make a video in response, which you can view above. It begins with a barbed wire fence with a sign that reads, "No trespassing top-secret research, Area 51, Violators will disappear without a trace."

The video then shows a purple bird that looks like the character, Thanos, from the Marvel Avengers films; along with the infinity gauntlet, a prop also used in the film series. The shot cuts to a security guard fooling around on Facebook and playing Minecraft, and listening to the remixed version of "Old Town Road" on his phone.

The computer then flashes to "warning" and the guard pulls a lever that says, "bruh moment." The Army jeeps pull up and prepare for battle before showing Ramsey riding a horse while simultaneously taking a selfie, Cyrus lighting a cigarette, and Nas in his matte black hat.

Getting weird enough for you? Well, then, out of nowhere, actor Keanu Reeves is seen running rampant before Cyrus, Ramsey and Nas. Young Thug is shown riding a cobra snake towards the soldiers protecting the area, making the them drop their weapons in fear, pee their pants, and drip green goo from their eyes.

For whatever reason, Nas then takes a bite of a grilled cheese sandwich that was in his gun holster. The music video then to Cyrus meeting a green alien showing off a motorcycle, Ramsey getting the keys to a four-wheeler from another alien, and Young Thug trading bling with the extraterrestrials. The four gentlemen finish the video by riding off into the sunset.

The original “Old Town Road” remake featuring just Cyrus has achieved RIAA diamond status, with more than 10 million units sold to date. The song is also No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart at No. 1 for the 14th consecutive week. The single has achieved the title of longest-running Hot 100 hip-hop single of all time.

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