Forget about yourself for a moment and think about the people you know. If you needed a ride, would you simply be able to open the door of their car and hop in? Or would you have to spend five minutes moving things around just to find the passenger seat? It's a pretty safe bet that we've all got friends of both types. And according to a new survey on a full one third of drivers haven't cleaned their car in months.


Truth be told, I'd probably have to move something before you sat down. Maybe a hat or a pair of gloves, perhaps even one of those old-school CD wallets, but that would be about it. Whatever it was would fit nicely behind the seat and nobody would even notice it was there.

That's because I grew up following the pattern of my father. We didn't often have the newest or nicest car in town, but it was always clean and well maintained. There were many happy Saturday evenings spent with the two of us washing up the family sedan.

Then there are the other people. Not you, I'm sure, but someone you know, who fills every cubic inch of interior space with something. I once worked with a guy who kept a bowling ball loose in the back of his station wagon. If he ever crashed into anything that bowling ball would be a twelve pound ballistic missile flying through the inside of his car.

Back to the survey. 2,000 American drivers were involved and 31% of them admitted that the inside of their vehicle was totally overwhelmed with stuff that didn't need to be there.

35% didn't know how often they should have their car washed and 10% couldn't remember the last time they'd cleaned it at all.

53% said they've spilled a drink on the upholstery but the survey didn't indicate how many of them had it cleaned up afterward.

Cleaning the interior can be a hassle, but there are plenty of professional car washes and auto detailers in Wichita Falls that can handle that job for you. Just remember, if your car is one of the messy ones it may end up as a Before and After photo on their social media site, but at least it'll be clean for a while.

Whether you have the pros clean your ride or you wash it yourself in your driveway on a Sunday afternoon, you'll be surprised at the difference it makes just by doing a little housekeeping in your vehicle.

Then again, maybe you're happy being messy. At least you know you're not alone.

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