Parmalee finished recording and releasing their new 27861 album, and then they really got to work. The group did their best not to get others fired in a new web series called Parmalee for the People.

During this compilation video that teases episodes to come next week, the four men of Parmalee pretend they're in the wine business, cattle farmers, business men and even ... nurses? They serve a few drinks and play a few songs as well — and the jobs were no joke. Real people got $1,000 to let Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Barry Knox and Josh McSwain do their jobs for them.

One funny moment finds Knox receiving a fresh cup of coffee. Later McSwain is seen giving orders in an office environment. The guitarist looks like he may have fired a few people before!

"Parmalee for the People was an incredible experience for us as a band," says lead singer Matt Thomas. "Not only did we have a blast traveling the country and trying our hand at different jobs, it was also a unique opportunity to dive into the daily lives of our fans and connect with them on a more personal level."

Of course, the group of family and friends are most comfortable behind their instruments, not computer screens. Their single "Sunday Morning" plays as the group find jobs they're well-suited for, or not. The 27861 album features the single, plus songs like "Roots" and "Hotdamalama." It's their second studio album on Stoney Creek Records Nashville.

27861 is currently available for streaming or purchase at digital music retailers.

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